I Love Television is a Paris-London-Madrid TV production company with expertise in international co-production, scripted shows, digital post-production and the 360-degree exploitation of a TV brand from format to merchandising.

For 15 years, ILTV has produced daring programs for broadcasters looking to make a difference. In 1995, we were one of the first independents delivering a weekly show to pay TV Canal+. In 1999, we were already webtv pioneers producing Awarded "content" for the net. In 2001 we made the news with a controversial cartoon show for young adults which was shown by cutting-edge channels around the world, from MTV Germany to Fox Comedy Australia.

For the past five years, we have been producing one of the most successful family series in Europe, sold in 110 countries. Our programs have been broadcast by France Television, the BBC, Italia 1, Antena 3, C4 New Zealand, CTC Network, MTV latin America, Nickelodeon Asia, C9...

Our company has won Slate Funding from MEDIA, subsidies from the French CNC, and has been backed by the COFACE in France.

From our in-house post production and special effects department to licensing and distribution, we cover all the ground from a great idea to its next life beyond television.


Television is entertainment for the audience but hard work for the programme maker. There is the creative part, the money, the legal, the technical, the marketing, the distribution, and the merchandising.

  • We make successful TV shows for the right budget.
  • We have a network of creatives, an understanding of international markets, experience of co-production, financing and subsidies.
  • We use the latest digital tech to maximise production values
  • We know how to transform good programs into brands that live beyond television, from merchandising to live shows.
  • 120 episodes of the comedy show Cnet ( one of the Top 5 TV shows on Canal+ )
  • 78 episodes of the live action sitcom Genie In The House ( Nº1 family comedy on Nickelodeon - shown in more than 110 countries across the world )
  • 13 episodes of Popetown ( the adult cartoon series produced for the BBC, also aired by MTV Germany, Latin America... )
  • We have also produced music video, TV design, corporate films, web TV content, short movies, documentaries, and magazine programming.
  • We have shot on all media from 35mm to super-8, HD 16/9 to DV.

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